5 Best Tablet for Coding & Programming 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, coding has become an essential skill for aspiring developers and tech enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a seasoned programmer or just starting your coding journey, having the right tools can significantly impact your productivity and creativity.

A tablet specifically designed for coding can provide the perfect blend of portability, functionality, and performance.

In this article, we will explore the ten best tablet for coding & programming.

Apple iPad Pro (2023)

The Apple iPad Pro is a formidable contender for coders, thanks to its powerful M-series chip and sleek design. Its ProMotion display with ProMotion XDR ensures crystal-clear visuals, while the Apple Pencil compatibility allows for precise coding and note-taking. With iPadOS 15’s enhanced multitasking capabilities, you can effortlessly switch between coding apps and explore the vast array of coding tools available on the App Store.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a versatile 2-in-1 tablet that’s perfect for coding on Windows. Powered by the latest Intel processors, it offers robust performance for coding software development. The Surface Pen and Surface Dial compatibility enable seamless interaction and sketching during coding sessions. With a detachable keyboard, you can easily switch between laptop and tablet mode, providing flexibility for your coding needs.

Google Pixel Slate

For developers who prefer the Android ecosystem, the Google Pixel Slate is an excellent choice. This Chrome OS tablet offers a stunning Molecular Display and delivers exceptional performance with its Intel Core processors. Its lightweight design and long battery life make it ideal for coding on the go. The availability of Android apps and Linux support expands your coding toolkit, making the Pixel Slate a versatile coding companion.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra boasts impressive specifications, making it one of the best tablets for coding on Android. With a large Super AMOLED display and the powerful Exynos chipset, you can easily run coding tools and IDEs smoothly. The S Pen offers a natural writing experience and can be used for precise coding tasks. Its Dex mode enhances multitasking, providing a desktop-like coding environment.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

For coders who prefer innovation and unique designs, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold is an intriguing choice. This foldable Windows tablet features an OLED display and is powered by Intel processors. With the Lenovo Mod Pen, you can sketch and annotate directly on the screen during coding sessions. The foldable design allows for versatile usage, such as using it as a laptop or a compact tablet.

Asus Chromebook Detachable CM3

The Asus Chromebook Detachable CM3 offers a budget-friendly option for coders who need a Chrome OS device. Its MediaTek processor ensures smooth performance, and the detachable keyboard allows you to switch between tablet and laptop modes effortlessly. With access to the Google Play Store and Linux support, you can explore a wide range of coding tools and IDEs.

Huawei MatePad Pro

The Huawei MatePad Pro is a powerful Android tablet with impressive hardware and software capabilities. The Kirin chipset ensures smooth performance, and its large display provides ample workspace for coding. The Huawei M-Pencil offers a natural writing experience, perfect for coding tasks and note-taking. Its multi-window functionality enhances productivity, allowing you to run multiple coding apps simultaneously.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus

For coders on a budget, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus offers excellent value for money. While it may not match high-end tablets in terms of performance, its affordability makes it a viable option for beginners. The Fire OS provides access to a variety of apps, including coding tools available on the Amazon Appstore. Its Full HD display and long battery life make it a reliable device for coding on the move.

Dell Latitude 7320 Detachable

The Dell Latitude 7320 Detachable is a premium Windows tablet designed for professionals, including coders. Powered by Intel Evo processors, it offers high-performance capabilities for coding tasks. The optional Dell Active Pen provides a seamless writing experience for precise coding. Its enterprise-grade security features make it a secure choice for handling sensitive code and projects.

Sony Xperia Pro-I

The Sony Xperia Pro-I is a luxury tablet designed for professionals, including developers. Its 4K OLED display delivers stunning visuals, and its Snapdragon 888 processor ensures smooth performance. The support for Sony’s Alpha camera ecosystem can be a bonus for coders who require high-quality image capture during coding projects. While it comes with a premium price tag, its features make it an exceptional choice for demanding coding tasks.

Buying Guide on Tablets for Programming

best tablet for coding

From hardware specifications to software compatibility, we will explore everything you need to make an informed decision and select the best tablet that suits your coding needs.

  1. Operating System (OS)

The choice of operating system is crucial for a coder as it determines app availability and software compatibility. The three main options are:

a. iOS: Apple’s iPadOS offers a robust ecosystem of coding apps and integrated development environments (IDEs). The Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air are popular choices for iOS coding.

b. Android: Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab series provide access to a wide range of coding tools on the Google Play Store.

c. Windows: Windows tablets, such as Microsoft Surface Pro and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, offer compatibility with popular coding software like Visual Studio and Eclipse.

  1. Performance

For seamless coding, a tablet with powerful hardware is essential. Look for devices with high-performance processors, such as Intel Core, Qualcomm Snapdragon, or Apple M-series chips. RAM is equally important; aim for at least 8GB for smooth multitasking and faster execution of complex coding tasks.

  1. Display

A high-resolution display is crucial for coding, as it affects visual clarity and readability of code. Look for tablets with at least Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. For better color accuracy and a superior visual experience, consider OLED or AMOLED displays.

  1. Storage

Ample storage is essential for storing coding projects, software, and libraries. Opt for tablets with at least 128GB of internal storage or expandable storage options through microSD cards or external drives.

  1. Input Options

Coding often involves precise interactions, so input options are critical. Look for tablets compatible with styluses or pens, such as the Apple Pencil or Microsoft Surface Pen, for accurate sketching and note-taking.

  1. Software Compatibility

Ensure that the tablet supports the coding software and IDEs you intend to use. Some apps may be exclusive to specific operating systems, so choose accordingly.

  1. Battery Life

Long battery life is crucial for extended coding sessions. Look for tablets with battery life exceeding 8-10 hours to ensure uninterrupted productivity.

  1. Connectivity

For coding on the go, consider tablets with 4G/5G connectivity options. Additionally, ensure that the device supports Wi-Fi 6 for faster internet speeds.

  1. Multitasking Capabilities

A tablet with enhanced multitasking features, such as split-screen and multi-window functionality, allows you to run multiple coding apps simultaneously and boosts productivity.

  1. Build Quality

A sturdy build is vital for durability, especially if you frequently carry the tablet around. Look for devices with robust materials and consider getting a protective case for added safety.


When it comes to coding, having the right tablet can enhance your productivity, creativity, and coding experience. The tablets listed above offer a variety of options across different operating systems, performance levels, and price ranges. Whether you’re a professional developer or a coding enthusiast, these tablets are guaranteed to be your perfect coding companions in 2023. Select the one that best suits your needs and dive into the exciting world of coding with confidence!

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