can alexa access my music library

Answer: While the answer to this question is unclear, it is possible that your Amazon Echo or another voice-activated device could access your music library.

This would likely be done through a third-party extension or app that you installed on your device. If you are concerned about this possibility,

you may want to consider installing a privacy filter on your Echo to protect your data.

What music library does Alexa use?

Answer: Alexa uses a music library that is curated by This means that the songs you hear on Alexa are typically similar to those that are available for purchase on or through other channels such as Prime Music, YouTube, and Twitch.

Why is Alexa having trouble playing music from my library?

Answer: One potential reason Alexa is having trouble playing music from your library may be that it does not have the correct licensing rights. To play the music that you’ve purchased through Amazon, you need to have a valid ASCAP or BMI license. If your content originates from an audio streaming service like Pandora or Spotify, then those services may also require additional licenses.

Can Alexa play music without my phone?

Answer: Yes, Alexa can play music without your phone. Just enable “Alexa streaming on device” in the Settings of your Amazon Echo device and you’re good to go! This feature allows you to stream songs from Prime Music, Spotify Premium (if connected), or any other playlist that is supported by Alexa.

Is there a monthly charge for Alexa?

Answer: There is no monthly charge for Alexa, but you will need a subscription in order to use the service. This consists of an Amazon Prime membership or a paid Echo device plan.