can people see if you screenshot imessage

Yes, it is possible for people to see if you have taken a screenshot of their iMessage. When you take a screenshot of an iMessage, your iPhone will display a flash and make a shutter sound (just like when you take a photo).

The person that you are messaging will also receive a notification that you have taken a screenshot of their message.

So, if someone sends you an iMessage and you want to keep it private, it is best not to take a screenshot.

If you do need screenshots of someone’s iMessage, make sure that the person knows that they will be notified.

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Is it legal to screenshot Google images?

Yes, it is legal to screenshot Google images.

The Google Images Terms of Service do not specifically prohibit screenshots, but they do prohibit the use of images for any commercial or advertising purposes without express wrote permission from Google.

However, screenshots would generally not be considered to be used for commercial or advertising purposes.


Does it show when I screenshot it on iMessage?

When you take a screenshot of an iMessage, it does not send any notification to the other person.

However, if you are taking a screenshot of a group chat, everyone in the group will be notified that a screenshot was taken.

Does iMessage notify you when you take screenshots?

Yes. When you take a screenshot, the sender is notified and they can see the screenshot in a conversation thread.

Apple has designed iMessage to make it easy for people to share screenshots with one another.

By default, the sender is notified when you take a screenshot, and they can see the screenshot in a conversation thread.

This makes it easy for people to keep track of what screenshots have been taken and to discuss them with one another.

How To Tell If Someone Screenshots Text on iPhone?

It’s actually quite simple to tell if someone has screenshots of your text on their iPhone – and here’s how.

When you send a text or iMessage, there is a small camera icon next to the message bubble. This indicates that the sender of the message has Screen Recorded that conversation.

If you are on the receiving end and notice this little camera icon, it means that they have saved a screenshot of what was said in that chat.

Now, while this might not be such a big deal if it’s just one person screenshotting your texts, it can become quite problematic if multiple people are doing it.