Do ring doorbells record cars driving by?

A ring doorbell records activity in a house and the surrounding area. Ring doorbells come with a camera and microphone, which can be used to record activity. This is not limited to people coming up on the porch, but also cars driving by or dogs barking in the background.

Do Ring doorbells pick up cars driving by?

With the Ring doorbell, you’ll never be at the mercy of a door-to-door salesman again. It captures video of who’s at your doorstep within 160 degrees and sends alerts to your phone. You can watch live footage, talk with visitors through two-way audio, or have them speak to a family member or neighbor.

How do I stop my Ring Doorbell from detecting my car?

If you’re experiencing this issue, please contact Ring Support.

Does Ring Doorbell record all movement?

The Ring Doorbell and its app are intended to be a home security device as well as an interactive tool. The doorbell is equipped with a camera, but the camera does not record all movement outside of the door.

How far is the motion detection on Ring Doorbell?

The motion detection on Ring Doorbell is pretty good. Typically, it can detect motion about 30 feet away. The motion detection will work even if you have a dog or something else at the foot of your door, so long as the person is within range of the camera.