does Mcdonald’s accept American Express

While McDonald’s does not currently accept American Express, the company does have a variety of other options for payment. These include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX.

What is the highest level AmEx card?

The American Express Platinum card is the highest-level AmEx card available. It offers a number of benefits, including access to airport lounge privileges, complimentary concierge service, and 25K bonus points when you spend $5k in the first 3 months.

Does Amex Gold have a limit?

Amex Gold does not have a limit, but there are certain restrictions that apply. For example, you cannot use Amex Gold to purchase items in countries other than the United States and Canada. Additionally, you cannot combine Amex Gold with any other card or promo code in order to get discounts or free rewards.

What happens if your card declines at a restaurant?

If your card declines at a restaurant, the best course of action is to contact the credit card company immediately. Many times, this will not be an issue and you can simply re-present your card at a later time. If it is an emergency and you cannot reach the credit card company, then you may want to consider using cash or another form of payment. Cardholders are typically responsible for any charges that occur as a result of their declined transaction; however, there are some cases where restaurants may refund customers in full.

What is higher than a black card?

A black card is typically higher than a red card, which is the standard playing card. Black cards are used for special circumstances and have additional graphics on them that make them easier to identify.

How many people have Amex Platinum?

Amex Platinum is one of the most popular credit cards on the market. As of December 31st, 2017, there were 17.5 million Amex Platinum cardholders in the United States.

Who qualifies for a black American Express?

Black American Express is only available to those who are black or of African descent. Additionally, you must be a U.S. resident and have a valid passport in order to qualify for the card. You can find more information on their website or by calling customer service (888-297-3742).

Who owns the black card?

While there is no definite answer, it is generally believed that the black card belongs to a select few who are deemed to be qualified and trusted by banks and other financial institutions. This entitles them to access special privileges and discounts when they use their cards for transactions.

Why is the Amex Black card so special?

The Amex Black card is one of the most prestigious and exclusive credit cards in the world. It offers great benefits, including a 2% APR on all purchases and no annual fee. Additionally, it comes with solid travel insurance coverage that covers trip cancellation, baggage loss, medical expenses, and more. Furthermore, you can use your Amex Black card for shopping at thousands of participating stores across the globe without any fees or charges. Moreover, it earns bonus points for every purchase that you make which can be used to redeem rewards such as free flights or hotel nights.