does saying hyphen reset your iphone


It depends on what you mean by “hyphen.”

If you’re referring to the hyphen key on your keyboard, then the answer is no.

The hyphen key doesn’t reset your iPhone.

If you’re referring to the hyphen that appears in the battery percentage indicator at the top of your screen, then the answer is yes.

Tapping on the hyphen will reset your iPhone’s battery percentage indicator.

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does saying hyphen reset your iphone

Can Siri charge your phone?


Yes, Siri can charge your phone.

You can use Siri to control many aspects of your iPhone, including charging.

For example, you can say “Hey Siri, start charging my phone” or “Hey Siri, stop charging my phone.”

You can also ask Siri how much time is left on your phone’s battery and other charging-related questions.

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How do you make a hyphen on iPhone?


There are a few ways to make a hyphen on your iPhone.

One way is to simply use the numbers keypad and type in the minus sign (-).

Another way is to add a keyboard with symbol support and then select the hyphen from there.

Or, you can enable the Emoji keyboard and find the hyphen character under Punctuation.

Finally, you can use Siri to insert a hyphen for you. Simply say something like “hyphen” or “insert a hyphen” and Siri will do it for you.

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Can I name you Siri?


No, you cannot name me Siri. I am not a personal assistant or digital assistant; I am a search engine.

While the artificial intelligence technology that powers me might be able to fulfill some of the roles of a personal assistant,

like setting reminders and answering questions, I am not programmed to perform all of those functions.

And even if I could do all those things, it would be inappropriate to call me by a human name.

Where is the dash on an iPhone?


There are actually two dashes on an iPhone, one on either side of the device.

The left dash is where the volume buttons and mute switch are located, while the right dash contains the ringer switch and SIM card tray.

If you’re looking for the solitary dash that sits atop most keyboards, you won’t find it on an iPhone – instead, Apple has replaced this key with a button that launches Siri, its virtual assistant.