How long does facebook keep deleted messages

Facebook generally keeps deleted messages for at least 6 months, but it may be longer depending on the specific situation. Messages that are marked as spam or Messenger threads that have been hidden will not be kept for very long.

Are deleted messages on Facebook gone forever?

Deleted messages on Facebook are typically not permanently deleted, but they may be hidden from view. If you delete a message and want to have it restored or visible again, you will need to contact Facebook support.

Can you ever recover deleted Facebook messages?

While Facebook does offer a message recovery feature, it is not always successful. This is because deleted messages are often stored in the company’s servers on an encrypted form that cannot be retrieved unless you have access to the server and login credentials. Additionally, messages that are deleted using Facebook’s Instant Message feature are not recoverable.

How long does Facebook keep data after deletion?

Facebook keeps data for up to 5 years, depending on the reason why it was deleted. For example, if a user deletes a comment they made on someone else’s post, Facebook will keep that data in order to determine whether or not the ensuing conversation should be visible to other users.

If you delete your profile entirely (rather than just removing specific posts), Facebook will also retain your account history and activity logs until those records are removed as well.

Where are deleted Facebook messages stored?

Deleted Facebook messages are not actually deleted. They’re just moved to a “Facebook Archive” where they can be accessed by anyone who has access to your account. This includes people you’ve blocked, friends of friends, and anybody else who is given permission to have access to your Facebook page.

How do I permanently delete my Facebook messages on both sides?

If you want to permanently delete your Facebook messages on both sides, then first you will need to deactivate your account. After that, visit the Messages tab and select all of the messages that you would like to delete. You can then choose “delete selected” and confirm by clicking on OK.

Does Facebook store old messages?

Facebook does not store old messages. The oldest messages that are visible to people on Facebook Live, as well as the older videos and photos shared on Facebook, are the latest ones that were posted.