how to fix apple music not working on alexa

Answer: Although there are many streaming services available, it is Apple Music that has the most music. This service offers more than 33 million songs and includes exclusive content from some of today’s biggest artists. Additionally, you can also listen to ad-free versions of all your favorite songs with the Apple Music Family Plan.

Does Alexa no longer support Apple Music?

Answer: Yes, Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa no longer supports Apple Music. This means that if you have an Echo device and use Apple Music, you will not be able to access the service through Alexa anymore. Fortunately, there are various other ways to access Apple Music including using the Google Home or Siri voice assistants.

Why is Apple Music not working?

Answer: Yes, Amazon discontinued support for Apple Music on July 29th. However, you can still use Alexa to control the playback of your music collection on other devices such as Fire TV and Echo Dot.

What devices support Apple Music?

Answer: To use Apple Music on your iPhone, you need the latest version of iTunes. You can also use an Apple music-compatible device, such as a Sonos Beam or Beats Audio speaker. And finally, you can access Apple Music through the web browser using either Safari or Chrome.

Is Apple Music free now?

Answer: Apple Music is currently free for most users. However, if you want access to the full range of features available in Apple Music, then you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription.