how to recover unsaved screen recording windows 10

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had to rely on screen recordings to communicate or demo something at some point.

Whether it’s for work or personal use, Screen Recorder by Apowersoft is a great tool that lets you record your screen with ease.

However, there have been reports of users losing their recordings due to unsaved changes or crashes. Here’s a quick guide on how to recover unsaved screen recordings in Windows 10.

  1. Check the recycle bin – The first thing you should do is check the recycle bin for your lost recording. It’s possible that the recording was automatically saved there when you deleted it.

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Can you retrieve a screen recording that did not save?

Yes, depending on the software you were using to record your screen. If you were using QuickTime Player, for example, to record your screen, you can open the “QuickTime Player” application and select “File” > “Open Recent.”

This will show a list of all the files that you have recently opened with QuickTime Player. If the file you are looking for is not listed here, you can select “File” > “Open” and browse to the folder where the file is saved.

If you were using a different screen recording application, consult that application’s documentation on how to restore a previously-recorded session.


Where are unsaved screen recordings stored in Windows 10?

Unsaved screen recordings are stored in the Videos folder in your User Profile. To find this folder, open File Explorer and go to This PC > C: > Users > [your user name] > Videos.

If you can’t see the Videos folder, make sure that your View tab is set to Details and that the Hidden items check box is selected.


How do I recover a lost screen recording?

If you’ve lost a screen recording on your computer, there are a few ways to try and recover it.

First, try locating the file on your computer.

Screen recordings are often saved in the same folder as the program you used to record them (e.g. if you used QuickTime to record your screen, the recording would be saved in the QuickTime folder).

If you can’t find the file, or if it’s been deleted, there are software programs that can help recover deleted files. One such program is called Recuva. You can download it for free from

Once installed, open Recuva and click on “Recover Files”.

How do I recover a deleted screen recording in Windows 10?

To recover a deleted screen recording in Windows 10, you’ll first need to open up Command Prompt as an administrator. Once Command Prompt is open, type in the following command and hit enter:

racing -show all

This will display a list of all your recent system images. Locate the image that contains the deleted screen recording, right-click on it, and select “Restore Point > Open file location”.

This will open up the folder where the image is stored. Double-click on the “WindowsImageBackup” folder to view its contents.

Now locate and double-click on the “Screen Recordings” folder to view its contents. The deleted screen recording will be located in this folder.