setup realme tech-life r100 with android iphone

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Can Realme watch the answer call?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Realme watches are not equipped with the necessary sensors to answer calls and instead rely on AI-assisted voice recognition technology.

How do I find my lost realme watch?

Answer: If you have misplaced your realme watch, there are a few steps that you can take to try and locate it. First, make sure to register the product with their app in case someone has lost it or forgotten its password. Next, check for any notifications that may have been sent from the watch. If there were any important meetings or calls scheduled on the day of your loss, these would likely be included as notification logs. Finally, consider speaking to friends and family about whether they had seen or heard anything about your watch since you last used it.
If all of these measures fail to yield results, then getting in touch with customer service might be an option.

How do you trace Realme?

Answer: race Realme is easy to do. Just enter your Package Number and activation code, and voila! You will be able to track your package online or through the customer care helpline.

How do I know if my Realme watch is real?

Answer: One way to check if your Realme watch is real is to do a Google search for “realme smartwatch fake.” Upon entering this phase, you will be presented with various reports and reviews of counterfeit watches that look like Realme watches. By reading these reviews and checking the images provided, you can identify if your watch is actually a fake. If it’s not authentic, then you may want to consider returning or exchanging it for a genuine one.