will alexa work without amazon prime

Answer: No, Alexa will not work without Amazon Prime. While the two services are not strictly necessary for each other, using them together provides a number of benefits that are worth taking advantage of.

For example, using Alexa to control smart home devices can be more convenient when you’re not near a computer or phone. Additionally, streaming content on your television via Amazon Instant Video is much faster and smoother when used with an Echo device.

how does alexa work

Answer: Alexa works by connecting to the web and requesting information from websites. This allows you to interact with Alexa in a variety of ways, including using voice commands to control your music, controlling smart devices in your home, finding information on the internet, and more.

do you need a subscription for echo dot?

Answer: No, you do not need a subscription for the Echo Dot. The Echo Dot is an Amazon Cloud Voice First device that allows users to control their smart home devices using their voice.

if i cancel amazon prime can i still use alexa

Answer: Yes, you can continue to use Alexa even if you cancel your Amazon Prime subscription. All Voice Services are compatible with one another and work similarly as long as the proper permissions have been granted.

how much does alexa cost per month

Answer: Alexa is a voice assistant that can be used to control various devices in your home, including the lights, fan, and thermostat. In order for Alexa to work properly, you will need an Echo device (either desktop or mobile) and an Amazon account. The cost per month for Alexa starts at $5.99/month and includes access to the full range of features offered by Alexa.